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Social Responsibility

Robin’s Nest Orphanage

PCI are proud to be associated with Robin’s Nest Orphanage situated in Mufulira, Zambia.
Robin’s Nest Orphanage is run by South Korean Catholic Nuns, upon requests by Sr. Teresina, PCI have supplied blankets, mattresses and other donations towards the wellbeing of Robin’s Nest and their support of 50 Zambian Orphans.

Environment Awareness

PCI strives for high standards in all its operations and recognizes its environment responsibility towards a sustainable future. To this end, we manage monitor and assess the environment impact of our undertakings to ensure continual improvement in environmental performance and to respond to the specific needs of the local community in which we operate.
We consistently deliver improved, above average, recycling outcomes on our projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

PCI engages in a broad range of manufacturing operations across border, nationally and West Rand regions. We strongly advocate sound, ethical business standards in all dealings with clients, stakeholders and third parties. We encourage positive interaction and a consistent approach with the communities in which we operate.

We have realized that the prosperity of our business is dependent on our long-term commitment to our statutory obligations in terms of current health and safety, environmental, employment and good corporate governance legislation.