Our Head Office is situated is situated in South Africa
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who we are

PCI’s founder David Lawrence has been involved in the metals industry for over forty years and his experience included managing the largest lead foundry in Africa.

PCI provides a package, which encompasses the manufacture and the installation of Corrosion Protection Systems, and specializes in:

Our company facilities include:

Polymer concrete cell casting factory, we are able to cast a number of electrolytic and electro-winning cells each day.

We have a separate factory where all ancillary equipment such as polymer concrete spacer blocks and FRP capping boards are produced.

Our lead factory consists of an upgraded and modernized lead rolling mill, our foundry has a number of pots for various lead alloy combinations, a lead extrusion press and a fully automated lead anode casting machine.

The fully automated anode casting machine was fabricated in Austria and is designed to produce hot cast lead anodes for the use in electrolytic recovery of zinc, copper, nickel and cobalt refineries.

Our lead rolling mill is fully equipped to roll both hot and cold slabs for anodes or sheet lead of various sizes.

PCI have been involved in both green and brown field projects in Southern Africa.