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Lead Products


PCI has the expertise and technology to manufacture lead products. PCI operates two lead rolling mills and a fully automated anode casting machine in Chambishi, Zambia.

PCI supply a number of top quality refined lead products:

Lead Anodes

PCI has proudly developed a fully automated lead anode casting machine, which produces hot cast lead anodes. This state of the art lead casting machine was fabricated by the Austrian company Haidlmair and is designed to produce hot cast lead anodes for the use in electrolytic recovery of copper, zinc, nickel and cobalt refineries.

New anode moulds are fabricated according to the Client’s designs and are fully interchangeable at a moment’s notice. These interchangeable moulds allow for easy maintenance.

The copper header bar is easily fitted into the top of the anode mould. The mould is hydraulically operated and water cooled to ensure an even cooling of the cast lead anode. The lead is introduced into the mould through a bottom valve, the lead fills the anode blade mould and encapsulates the copper header bar as a complete unit.

PCI are able to produce cast and rolled lead anodes from a range of lead alloys such as 6% antimonial lead and calcium/tin/aluminium lead. The alloys are made to suit the specific requirements of the refineries. The addition of antimony gives the grain structure of the lead more mechanical strength and the addition of calcium gives the blade rigidity and increases the life span of a calcium/tin/aluminium/lead anode.

Our calcium/tin/aluminium/lead alloy rolled blades are soldered to the antimonial encased copper header bars to form a complete lead anode unit.

Examples of alloys cast include:

PCI anodes are offered to refineries as new anodes or recycled lead anodes.

Rolled Sheet Lead

The rolling mills are capable of rolling of thin lead sheeting which is supplied to the Copper Refineries in Zambia to lead line their old existing Portland cement cells.

These lead sheets are rolled from lead alloy slabs, which have been cast in PCI’s own foundry

Antimonial Lead sheets in various sizes are also produced.

Our lead rolling mills are capable of hot or cold rolling according to the Clients requirements.

Site Installations and Repairs

PCI provides a qualified lead burning division for either in-house or on-site work to carry out repairs to existing and new plants throughout Southern Africa.

Sourcing of Raw Materials

PCI is supplied virgin or scrap lead from the local mines, the scrap lead is refined, brought up to specification and supplied to the client as a value added product.

Refined lead and virgin lead is also sourced world-wide.


PCI have a quality system in place and we have trained quality control personnel at our factory.

Each batch of Anodes which are delivered to the Client is accompanied by a quality control checklist and an analysis certificate for the anode material.

Employer Safety Responsibilities

PCI are committed to ensure the safe working environment for each of our employees, it is our duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of our employees. PCI is committed to ensuring that workers are protected from anything that may cause harm, effectively controlling any risks to injury or health that could arise in the workplace.